Killian Jones Appreciation Week: day seven - favorite sad scene

"I sacrificed saving your prince for my ship. I am so sorry, Ariel."

" its a good job we like each other ;



So a little over a week ago a crew of us started these instagram rp accounts, which have absolutely blown up. If you follow us, we cannot thank you enough! We are always looking for new players to add to our family, however we’ve found it difficult to regulate and make sure we only have one of each when it is a free for all. Above are the characters we currently have, but we are growing every day. So if you want to join us, we ask that you shoot us a message making sure that the role you want is free! That way no one is stepping on each other’s toes and we can grow a huge Storybrooke group!

All of that being said, you don’t have to be apart of our group to join in the fun! Always feel free to comment on our photos— after all, Storybrooke has more citizens than the ones shown on screen! All we ask is that you keep within our canon and be respectful, like you’d be to any normal instagram.

Again, such a huge thanks to all of our lovely friends and followers!! We appreciate you beyond words.

To join, contact me, blowmiakisscolin, or any other current member of the rp.

We really, really appreciate you all. You’re amazing. And we are having SO much fun over there. Do come and join us, whether that’s simply as an observer or as a part of our family! :D


I think we both know that this -Us- it doesnt work.

Being a Teen Wolf fan on a Monday like




Robert Downey Jr. hitting Chris Evans with a hot towel during an interview

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